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      Magnolia - Texas

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      8526 Tombron Grove Rd, Magnolia, TX 77354, USA



    • Houston's leading newborn photography specialist. Stunning newborn portraits that will capture the precious

      moments of your baby's first days, and create lasting memories for years to come


      The first time you lay eyes on your new baby, it's instant love, whether you're adopting, or through other methods. Their new wisps of soft hair, looking up at you with those big eyes, tiny fingers wrapped around your finger. What better way to capture that newness, than with heirloom quality images, to look at over and over.  Specializing in posed newborn photography.

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      ABOUT ME…

      As a Mom of 6 (ages 4 to 25) (and grandma!), a newborns safety is my first priority, capturing your baby's delicate newness, is second. I always follow the baby's cues, some babies just won't go into some poses, and that is ok! We move on, if the baby seems uncomfortable with it. 

       Anything that comes in contact with a baby during a session, is washed, cleaned, or sanitized prior to another session. I use natural Young Living Thieves household cleaner to sanitize, to eliminate exposure to toxic chemicals (Lysol or alcohol only when absolutely necessary). The extra expense is worth it, and built into my CODB. Being a mom of 6, and 3 that were NICU babies, I know how important it is to keep germs at bay, and a healthy immune system. Myself and everyone in my home are vaccinated (No Covid vaccine). I also got my MMR updated in 2017, and Tdap updated again in 2019, as well as flu shot yearly. I wear a mask during every newborn session

      ​​I love to teach and grow my social media. I have over 170k followers on Tiktok, over 7 million monthly Pinterest viewers, and have multiple Facebook groups to help others learn and grow. 

      ​It is my desire to freeze time. That when you need to look back on how tiny your little one was, and how fast they grew, that you will have the most stunning portraits of them. Sometimes new Moms come to my studio completely exhausted. When they see the final portraits, it reminds them that it is all worth it for these tiny ones!

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