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What is EventSmack?

EventSmack is a local events directory. Unlike all the other event based apps, EventSmack is focused on the Venues near you, not the large city near you. We use local ambassadors to connect with the venues near you to manually add events. We aren't here to promote tickets or concerts, we are here to promote your local events without all the distractions. It's friday night, how do you find out what's going on in your town? That's the question and problem EventSmack is going to solve. We are here to promote what you want to do. Join us on our journey

How much does it cost?

EventSmack is free to use. Each Venue is allowed to post 4 free events a month, after that you'll need to upgrade to our subscription plan. Once you've added a subscription plan, you can post unlimited events to that venue. Lets compare that to our competitors who either charge by the event or by the number of people who view your event. We charge a flat rate for all your events, pay and forget and let us spread the word.

Is there a restriction on how many events?

Yes, we allow each venue to post four events a month, after that you'll need to add your Venue to a subscription plan. Once you have subscribed we encourage you to put as many events as you like without restrictions on the number of people who can see your event. The whole concept of EventSmack is to let the people in your town know what's going on.

I don't see my town listed, now what?

We are slowly making our way across the country, so we may have not hit your town yet. At EventSmack we are focused on bringing real events, from real people. Most event apps use a bot to search out other platforms to find events. This prevents real and verified events from being displayed, so we are moving our way across the country until all voices are heard. But don't let that stop you, if you create a new venues in your location. Your Town will be automatically added to the list.

Do we store personal information?

EventSmack only stores basic user information that is either entered when you create an account or if you login through one of our social media platforms. If you create an event or venue, we do of course store that information but it's your responsible to make sure that information is meant to be shared with the public. All photos you upload are your photos that you are giving us rights to re-use. Please make sure when you upload a photo, you have rights to share that. When it comes to subscriptions, we do not store credit card or sensitive data. We use the credit card platform, Stripe, to learn more, please visit our Privacy Policy

I see my business listed, now what?

Like a lot of other business listing sites, it's possible that your business may already be listed. If this is the case, just hit the "claim business button".

We will contact you to verify that you are the owners, once everything looks good, we will give you admin privalages and you can start adding events.